Our Expertise

1.  Design:
a) Design of power Transformer
b) Design of Race Way
c) Design of Panel Board
d) Design of Electrical Distribution System for Building & Industry
e) Design of HVAC system, for Building & Industry
f) Design of Fire Hydrant system for Building & Industry
g) Design of CCTV system, for Building & Industry
h) Design of PA system, for Building & Industry
i) Design of Process Control Board.

2.  Manufacturing:
a) Manufacturing of power transformer
b) Manufacturing of Distribution & PFI
c) Manufacturing of Race way
d) Manufacturing of process control board
e) Manufacturing of instantaneous Power supply
f) Manufacturing of On line UPS
g) Manufacturing of Voltage Transformer
h) Manufacturing of Current Transformer

3.  Project Work:
a) Installation of Electrical system with supplying materials.
b) Installation of HVAC system with supplying materials.
c) Installation of Fire Alarm System with supplying materials.
d) Installation of Fire Hydrant System with supplying materials.
e) Installation of PA system with supplying materials.
f) Installation of CCTV System with supplying materials.
g) Development of Process control with supplying board.
h) Installation of Gas Pipe line with supplying Materials.

4.  Others
a) Consulting.