1. Design:
We have long experience in the design of utility service for Grid Sub Station, multistoried building, Industries, for the following system.
1. Grid Sub-Station for Electrical Power.
2. Electrical Distribution system
3. Fire alarm System
4. Telephone System
5. CCTV system
6. Public Address system
7. HVAC system
8. Fire Hydrant System

2. Supply of Materials:
We have long experience in supply of materials for project basis on different fields, we are the local agent of different manufacturer, especially for electrical, Gas & Petroleum, Fire alarm& fire Hydrant system.

3. Construction.
We are expect in Construction of Gird Sub-station, Electrical distribution system, HVAC system, Fire alarm & Fire Hydrant system, Gas pipe line etc. It is mentioned that we are interested to take the project on turnkey basis, including design, Supply of materials, construction, testing & commissioning.

4. Microprocessor base Controlling System:
We develop microprocessor bas controlling system instead of conventional controlling system. We are expect in process development & controlling.

5. Other works
a. Design, Drawing, Preparation of Tender document for electrical & HVAC system.
b. Supply Materials, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 132/33/11/0.415 kV Sub-Station.
c. Complete solution of Fire Alarm, Fire Hydrant, BMS, Distribution & Starter Panel.
d. Manufacturing of 0-1MVA 11/0.015 kV Power Transformer.
e. Microprocessor

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